What has happened to Fianna Hills Baptist?

For those who live in the Fianna Hills community, many have asked the question of what has happened to Fianna Hills Baptist Church (FHBC)?

Simply put…

-It is still there.  In one sense the church is a people and not a building.  FHBC has chosen to unite with Forefront Church and re-launch a new gospel work!

-Forefront Church was launched back in 2014 as a mission of FHBC.  Since that time Forefront had grown and developed local ministry outreaches that were near to the heart and desire of what FHBC wanted to do as well.  Therefore, FHBC decided to renew their vision by partnering with its mission church to re-launch the church on the hill.

Why did Fianna Hills Baptist unite with Forefront Church?

  1. To see God win
  2. To increase reach and focus beyond the Fianna Community
  3. To increase local outreach
  4. To reach a diverse group of people from different faith backgrounds.                     (although we are still an SBC church)
  5. To adopt a name that details our mission/vision focus as a church